Where's Stinky?

After more than one year, Mrs. Stinky has finally heard from Mr. Stinky.

He's in Australia

Stinky the Skunk left home before there ever was anything called a geocaching "Travel Bug", so he feels like a pioneer of sorts.

Stinky the Skunk is hitch-hiking his way west from geocache to geocache. Whoever finds him is asked to take Stinky along and leave him in another geocache. You can choose which one, but make sure it is somewhere west of the one you found him in. Please do it as soon as possible. (Stinky has a traveling jones.) His goal is to go west. When he reaches the West Coast of the United States, he would like to keep going west to see if he can make it around the world. Please send email to stinky@rocketink.com to let Mrs. Stinky know where he is and tell her about the adventures Stinky has had. If you want to email a picture of Stinky and you, that would be great too. Then check back to this site to read about his adventures.


Jan. 26, 2004

G'Day Mrs Stinky,

Just letting you know that we have found Stinky safe and sound at a Beach on the West coast of Australia. The Beach is known as Bunkers Bay and he was found by a young man named Ashton Spanswick. Ashton lives in a town in the Great Southern region of Western Australia called Narrogin. We are employed by the local newspaper the "Narrogin Observer" and Ashton has brought Stinky and the cache in to let us have a look and perhaps do an article on the finding of Stinky and the cache. We thought that we would just let you know where he is at the moment so that you know that he is not lost.
Jo Batt and Chelsea Bell at the Narrogin Observer, Shop 6 , Church Square, Narrogin W.A. 6312.
P.S. Hope he arrives home safe and sound eventually!!!


Dec. 22, 2002

Mrs. Stinky-

Just wanted to say hello and tell you that Stinky has been held captive for
a while (unintentionally), but is about to be set loose again, making his
journey West to his original starting spot in Wisconsin.  Right now Stinky
is on the high seas protecting the world against Iraq and enforcing UN
sanctions.  He has made it it to many interesting spots including Yokosuka,
Japan and Mt. Fuji, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  He has stopped by Bahrain a
few times out here in the Persian Gulf and is planning to make a stop in
Perth, Australia where he says he wants to finally be set free and left for
some one else to find him.  Unfortunately, Stinky didn't tell me that I
wasn't supposed to take the whole cache that he was in.  I only found that
out today when I actually read everything inside the cache after it had been
on the ship for 5 months now.  Sorry!  I will put it in a great spot though
in Australia.  I don't get internet connection out here but if you have a
specific spot in Perth area you want me to put him let me know.  Well gotta
go now.  Sorry for not letting you know earlier where Stinky was.  He has
been very busy though helping us enforce the UN sanctions and in the
protection of everybody out here from Iraq.  Talk to you when we get to




Thank you so much for letting me know the whereabouts of my dear Stinky! I
had feared the worst when I learned that the cache in Hawaii had gone
missing, but I always held out hope that Stinky was alive and well. If you
would like to place him in a cache somewhere in Perth that will be great.
Please try to choose one that seems to attract lots of geocachers so Stinky
can continue his travels soon. Thank you very much!

Mrs. Stinky

Aug. 27, 2002

Dear Mrs. Stinky,

I was reading up on Freddy the Field Mouse TB. I saw your pic of him and you together and the link to Stinky's website. I hadn't been following his adventures lately, so I took a few minutes to catch up. I jumped over to the  'Crouching Lion Cache' where he was last placed.

Sadly, I read that the cache had been stolen, and a new replacement installed on 8/16. It looks like Stinky has followed his buddy Puff and shuffled off this mortal coil into the sunset. Our condolences...


Freddy the Field Mouse travel bug tells Mrs. Stinky about his adventures so far. 


Dear CacheCows,

Thank you for the news, but I have not yet given up hope that Stinky is somehow still alive and will make his way back to me once again.

Mrs. Stinky 


April 20, 2002

Stinky is on the move. I had thought I would keep Stinky here for a few days and give him a chance to relax. But, you know how he gets. Like fish after a few days they start to smell. So he had to get going. He is now in the Crouching Lion Cache on the windward side of Oahu, just a little West of where I picked him up.

I have told people here that he is there and asked that they help out. We shall see.



April 16, 2002

You must be Stinky's Family. I found Stinky in the Zippy's Tub Cache on
Oahu Hawaii this afternoon. I am working on getting him on a ride West.
Check my postings on Zippy's Tub and
Pele's Chair. Geocaching is just
taking hold here and many of our local geocachers have been to the Zippy's
Tub before I got there so they would not be likely to go back. I will pass
the word around and see if I can get him moving. He was on the East end of
Oahu and I could move him to the West end or maybe to Kauai as there are
caches there. But, New Zealand or Japan might be a better move.



March 31, 2002

Dear Mrs. Stinky,

I was at the South Point Cache for about a month and was ready to move
on. I spent the day traveling around the Big Island until I flew to Oahu
again. I went to the beach there, did some more scuba diving and then
took a hike up to a view of the ocean that was unbelievable. Saw some
whales and ate lunch by a lighthouse before I was left in a cache there.
This seems to be popular place so I am sure I will be traveling on soon.

Love, Stinky


Feb. 27, 2002

Dear Mrs Stinky,

I've been having some fun and exciting times on the islands of Oahu, Moloka'i, and the Big Island (Hawai'i). I got to help out with the
USGS coral reef researchers on Moloka'i, and then my friend coralgeo took me with her to the Big Island for a few days of R&R. I got to go scuba diving, hiking, and geocaching. I am now residing in the South Point Cache on the Big Island, which is the southern-most point in the United States. Hopefully another kind geocacher will pick me up and take me further west.

I wish you were here enjoying the tropics with me,
Love, Stinky


Feb. 14, 2002

Aloha Mrs. Stinky,

After a couple of chilly weeks in Santa Cruz, I arrived in Hawaii a few days ago. I spent two days as a guest at a conference in Honolulu, entitled Oceans 2002, where I learned all sorts of neat things about coral reefs. I can't wait to don mask and snorkel to see some of these things myself! Honolulu weather was gorgeous, but it sure is crowded in Waikiki. That was partially due to the Chinese New Year. I got to see a fabulous fireworks display!

I reached the island of Molokai yesterday and had fun checking out my surroundings. The island is really green from all the rain they've received this winter. I'm going out with my friend on a boat today while they do some of their coral reef work -- retrieving some instrument packages off the seafloor. I'm looking forward to snorkeling and seeing all the pretty fish.

I'll write more in a couple of days.


Jan 27, 2002

Dear Mrs. Stinky,

Iron Chef and I picked up Stinky from the
Ruins of War cache on the Presidio
grounds in San Francisco. He was complaining of the bitter cold and says he
wants to go BACK to Hawaii, so I will take him there in a couple of weeks.



Jan. 23, 2002

We placed Stinky at the Ruins of War cache in far west San Francisco on January 6.

We were sad to see him go but he was ready to leave. He kept mumbling about "If you love someone, set them free" and "skunknapping".

Dave and Nguyen


Jan. 4, 2002

Re: Stinky

Quick Answer: I'm going to place Stinky in a cache west of
YABA this Sunday (1/6).

Longer explanation:
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to place Stinky but it's a sad tale. I originally picked up Stinky on Oct. 14 because I had a trip planned to the west. My girlfriend and I had a trip planned for San Diego and Catalina, leaving on Oct 20. But the SD and Catalina trip was a fake trip - instead on Oct 20 I asked my girlfriend to marry me and surprised her with a trip to Hawaii, a place she'd always dreamed of visiting. I had picked up Stinky knowing we were going to Hawaii and we could place him (her?) there.
Now comes the sad part. Due to bad planning on my part, we weren't able to place Stinky in Hawaii. So Stinky went all the way to Hawaii only to wind back up in San Francisco. My girlfriend and I are both embarrassed and saddened by this turn of events and we want to apologize for keeping Stinky so long. We just moved and Stinky was packed away for a few weeks. But we've found him and we're now going to do the right thing and place him on Sunday (1/6).

Dave (and Nguyen)


Mrs. Stinky's reply:
Thank you so much for letting me know Stinky is safe! And by the way, Stinky is definitely a he!


Oct. 30, 2001

Dear Mrs. Stinky,

When you hear next from Mr. Stinky, please convey our deepest regrets that his pal and Great Race competitor, Puff, has shuffled off this mortal coil as Mr. Shakespear would say. The cache that Puff was in, Casey's Joy, has been stolen...

Good luck in Mr. Stinky's further travels, we wish him the best.

Puff's family,

Kelly Snake, Xena, Alan & Arlene

Sept. 4, 2001

Dear Mrs. Stinky,

I sure am missing my buddy Puff, but the race is on and I'm winning! I've reached the Pacific Ocean!

I had a scary trip to San Francisco, the first part was going from Milwaukee to Houston on a small jet, and it stormed out! I almost had to go to Dallas instead, and I would have been stuck there!

But everything was okay, and I got to San Francisco Monday night. I just hung around the hotel pool today while my carrier, that nice lady from Team CacheCows went to het conference. I hope she isn't mad when she sees what I ordered on room service. Tonight we went looking for the Yaba cache. It was in a very nice commuinity garden. We were worried at first that we wouldn't be able to find the cache container because everyone working in the garden brought their tools in tupperware containers!

Well, its late and I'm tired, so sleep well Mrs. Stinky. I'll try and send some pictures soon!


August 10, 2001

Wow. Things certainly are getting exciting. I was lost for awhile, but now I'm on my way to San Francisco! Stinky has met some new friends and has been challenged to an around-the-world race by another hitch-hiker named Puff. You can read about it here.

8/10/01 -- That's me with some of my new friends: Puff, Kelly, and Xena at CacheCows.


August 5, 2001

From Team CacheCows:
Stinky has been found safe!

Stinky arrived today after his short vacation to Waukesha. Said he had a great visit with Ken, Nick, and Cinnamon. He likes being back with his log book, and quickly made an entry about his adventure. He will be visiting with Team CacheCows of Wisconsin for a short while, and then heading out to San Francisco to move into a new cache. We'll be loading some pics of his vacation soon to the Ice Age Vista cache page.


August 4, 2001

Dear Mrs. Stinky, Here I am at Ken & Nate & Cinnamon's house. I vacationed here for a few days after they gave me a ride from the Ice Age Vista cache. Boy the skeeters were bad!


Boy was that fun! I got to travel in the First Class section! Ken & Nate didn't want me to get lonely, so they had Puff travel with me. We played pickup sticks the whole time, untill Puff sneezed and set them all on fire


Puff and I are renting an apartment here. This is where all of the treasures Team CacheCows found in caches live. There are some very nice treasures living here. In a couple of weeks I am continuing West on my trip around the world. Puff has decided he is going to race me around the world, but by going East. I said he's on! Watch for Puff's traveling cache in the next few days!



August 1, 2001

***News Flash***

From Mrs. Stinky:
Stinky has gone missing! Team CacheCows informs us that they went to the Ice Age Vista cache in hopes of finding Stinky and moving him to a new cache somewhere west, but he was not there. Someone took him, but they left his log book behind. They signed their names as "Ken and Nate". If this is you, please contact me at
Stinky@rocketink.com to let me know he is all right and to make arrangements to reunite him with his log book.


June 3, 2001

Mrs. Stinky,
Just thought I would drop you a note to tell you about my journeys. On May 7th, a man found me in my hiding place under a log, in a swamp. He said his name was "Brian" and he would love to help further my advancement out west. Brian said that the rest of his family (Team GrouseTales) would love to meet me, so he brought me to his house in West Allis, WI. I got to meet the rest of his family: Becky, Douglas, Nicholas, and his dog Radar. I sat on GrouseTales computer monitor for a couple weeks while we searched for the perfect destination on GEOCACHING.COM. Team GrouseTales took me on several adventures, looking for caches in the area that I could hide in. None of the caches turned out to be big enough for me and my log book. Brian had high hopes of bringing me along on his trip to Yellowstone National Park, and placing me in a cache near the park. After long consideration, he figured the NPS would probably frown on having a little stinker like me in their beautiful park. So, on June 3rd, Brian decided that I played with Radar long enough, and dropped me off at his Geocache: "Ice Age Vista". This cache is nice and roomy and located in a beautiful forest. The address of the cache is N42.52.461' W088.33.665'. Brian made me a cozy sleeping bag out of bubble wrap to keep me from getting injured on my trip. I hope someone finds me soon, the mosquitos are really "bugging" me here.


May 29, 2001

From Mrs. Stinky:
Stinky has been picked up by team Grouse Tales. They tell me he will be taken to Yellowstone Park soon. I'm sure he can't wait to get there


May 6, 2001.

From Mrs. Stinky:
Stinky left home today home and began his journey at a geocache called Lake By A Lake, located in Harrington Beach State Park along the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. He hopes someone will find him soon so he can continue his journey.