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Welcome to my personal stuff. Pretty boring-looking right now, I know. I'll spruce it up as times goes by.


Personal Interests

As the following lists suggests, I have a lot of non-work activities and interests. The quintessential jack-of-all-trades and master of none. As time permits I will fill in more information about each of these, including photos.

My Kids

A few photos and video clips of my two teenagers. 

My Brushes with Fame

And other tidbits that don't fit the rest of the topics on this page. 


Here's a fun new form of outdoor recreation created by and for GPS geeks like me. I am a founder of the Wisconsin Geocaching Association

Where's Stinky?

This is somewhat related to geocaching. Follow the adventures of Stinky the Skunk as he travels around the world.

Degree Confluence Project

The goal of this Internet-based project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location. I contributed to the project as the first visitor to 43N 95W.


The way I choose to stay in shape when cross-country skiing season comes to an end.


In addition to many long hikes in the Midwest, we did some great hiking in Colorado during the summer of 2003

Trumpet Playing

I'm destined to forever be an Arturo Sandoval wanna-be. As I continue to dream, I enjoy participating in amateur bands.


I am honored to be a bugler who plays "Taps" for military funerals and other memorial services. 


For quiet solitude, nothing beats floating across a glass-smooth lake at sunrise. I'll have to try that sunrise thing sometime.

Downhill Skiing

I learned to downhill ski in 1974. Now I serve as a volunteer guide in the B.O.L.D. program for blind and visually impaired skiers. During January and February we ski every Sunday evening at Sunbust ski area. 

Listen to a radio news story about the Milwaukee chapter of B.O.L.D. originally broadcast in March 2005.

Cross-Country Skiing

I've enjoyed and been frustrated by this sport for more than 26 years.

Rock Climbing

One of my newer past times, proving you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.


My portfolio at the photography web site


I have dabbled with a brush on canvas. I'm going to post a few sample here.

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Last revised: 3/27/2005